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Indiana DOT and Castle Rock partnered to create a new open-source Advanced Traffic Management System, inspired by the Minnesota DOT’s IRIS system.   IRIS-x is a modular, web-based ATMS that makes it easy to execute your agency’s traffic management procedures.

IRIS-x has a modern user interface, designed to work on computers and smart devices with a fluid, mobile-responsive design. Modules include Roadway Event Manager, Streaming Video, DMS automations, Highway Helper tracking and more.  Built in close partnership with TMC supervisors and operators, it is truly an operator-centered platform.

An open-source ATMS for the future.

Castle Rock built IRIS-x for the Indiana DOT, but being open-source so that other DOTs could use it was always the vision.  IRIS-x supports Indiana’s work flows, processes, and procedures, but we also built it to invite contributions from other DOTs and system developers that can make it even better and more feature-rich in the future. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out.



Works beautifully on full screens and smart devices.


Easy on the eyes, human-friendly user interface makes it easy to carry out tasks and train new users.


IRIS-x code includes many automations to simplify life in the TMC, including automatic DMS messaging and queueing.


IRIS-x is open source and welcomes contributions from the ATMS development community.

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