Castle Rock Associates is a software firm specializing in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). We provide software design, development, hosting, and operations services. Castle Rock is committed to promoting sustainability. We aim to follow and promote good sustainability practices, reduce the environmental impacts of our activities, and help our clients to do the same.

Our Sustainability Policy includes the following principles and guidelines:

  •  Comply with or exceed all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

  •  Integrate sustainability considerations into our business decisions.

  • Minimize the environmental impacts of company travel:

    • ​Provide employer-paid transit passes to employees to encourage use of public transit.

    • Provide on-site secure bike parking to promote bicycle commuting.

    • Reduce the need for our staff to travel to the office by supporting alternative working arrangements, including telecommuting.

    • Avoid physical travel to meetings where alternatives are available and practical, such as teleconferencing or video conferencing.

    • Efficiently schedule regional client meetings to avoid multiple trips whenever possible.

  •  Deploy cloud-based technology solutions instead of on-premise equipment to minimize the company’s energy consumption requirements, whenever feasible.

  • Strive to achieve a paperless office.

  • Make it easy to reuse and recycle office consumables throughout the office.

  • Purchase fair-trade and/or organic beverages and snacks for the office.

  • Utilize green cleaning products wherever possible for cleaning and janitorial activities.

We believe that our company has an important role to play in supporting the sustainability of our planet.  We will continue to seek new and innovative ways of promoting sustainability as an integral part of our business practices.

Kristin A. Virshbo
Chief Executive Officer
Castle Rock Associates