CARS is Castle Rock's flagship product. It is an event management and road condition reporting system, used by many departments of transportation in the US and beyond.  In CARS, users can create roadway events manually, or they may be imported from third-party systems like Waze, the National Weather Service, or a variety of Traffic Management System platforms.

CARS is where transportation agencies manage information about the state of the roads they are responsible for.

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Castle Rock's suite of ATIS (advanced traveler information system) modules will make your agency's real-time transportation data shine. From public IVR phone systems, to web sites, to mobile apps, to automated Facebook and Twitter feeds, our system does it all. Winter road reporting, delays, current and planned roadwork, weather, unplanned incidents, traffic cameras, and third-party probe data are among the many data types we support. We use innovative, human-centered design to help your agency maximize the value of its ITS assets and transportation data.

We can provide TIaaS™ with any ATMS, ICMS, or open-data platform. 



Optional CARS add-on modules support ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management System) functions, including Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) management, travel time message plans, police CAD integrations, third-party traffic and loop detector data, CCTV interface linking, Waze CCP data,  highway advisory radio, and more. 

Our vendor-neutral platform also supports seamless integrations with any other open-data ATMS. 



Transit systems are an important part of our transportation infrastructure.    We have developed an easy-to-use toolkit that helps transit agencies of all sizes create and manage their data in GTFS and GTFS-realtime, so that information about their services can be shared more easily with the world.

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Castle Rock's mobile 511 is one of the most downloaded, heavily used, and highly rated in the industry.  Available in iOS and Android, our  511 app includes a hands-free/eyes-free feature, personalization, multi-modal trip planning, and other innovative features.  You can try it out by downloading the 511 apps available in Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Sacramento.

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All Castle Rock software products are available as hosted solutions.   We have progressively developed a joint hosting platform that is designed specifically for the unique needs of our clients.  Our systems are data-intensive and feature-rich, and they need to scale quickly during hurricanes, winter storms, and other special events.  Our hosting platform is specifically designed to handle these sudden, dramatic increases in demand, while remaining affordable for our clients. Our hosting platform has successfully handled traffic spikes during hurricanes in Louisiana, a bridge collapse in Minnesota, and frequent winter storms and flash floods in Iowa.  We are also well known for our highly responsive, dedicated, and friendly team of 24/7 customer support specialists.

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Castle Rock's original roots are on the campus of the University of Nottingham, as an offshoot of the university's transportation technology research group. We have been innovators in many areas of the field now known as Intelligent Transportation Systems, from electronic toll collection (SmartTag) to weigh-in-motion (The HELP Program) to road weather forecast modelling (FORETELL) to ITS standards development (DATEX, TMDD). We are always keeping our eyes and ears open for the right opportunities in our field where we can make a meaningful impact.