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CARS is Castle Rock's flagship product. It is an event management and road condition reporting system, used by many departments of transportation in the US and beyond.

In CARS, users can create roadway events manually, or they may be imported from third-party systems like Waze, the National Weather Service, or a variety of other Traffic Management System Platforms.

CARS is where transportation agencies manage information about the state of roads they are responsible for.

What's happening on your roads?


As we like to say at Castle Rock, someone, somewhere knows about every road event.  CARS is a platform that makes it quick and easy to capture those events.  With minimal clicks, CARS empowers your authorized users to create detailed roadwork reports (current and future), incidents, road conditions, special events, and more. We can also import them from ATMS, Waze, police CAD, and other trusted sources.



Authorized users can log in and manage information from anywhere, using our web-based UI.


As a CARS agency, you can create as many operator accounts as you need. No per-user licensing costs.


All road event information you capture in CARS belongs 100% to your agency. Castle Rock does not sell, reuse, repurpose or otherwise "leverage” the data you create in CARS.

The Nebraska DOT has used CARS in its Statewide Operations Center (CARS) since 2015. CARS's quick and easy data entry interface helps SOC operators capture what's happening on Nebraska's roads. Some examples:

  • When historic floods hit Nebraska hard in 2019, NDOT used CARS to indicate which roads were closed due to flooding - and when reopenings happened.

  • In March 2019 alone, CARS served up nearly 4 million public web and app sessions for Nebraska as people flocked to our systems for updated information on the closed roads.


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