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Want to share your snow plow locations or dashcam photos online? Or maybe even your maintenance vehicle fleet?

SnowPlo brings your agency's snow plows and vehicle locations to life in an interactive website and mobile app portal.


Snow Plow locations and dash cams for the people.

Transparency is the name of the game these days--and nothing short of real-time data will do.  Members of the public love when their transportation agencies share near real-time locations of snow plows using AVL (Automated Vehicle Location), especially during winter storms. And, if those vehicles are taking dashcam snapshots of the roads as they go, even better!  Castle Rock's SnowPlo module makes snow plow locations, recent history, and dashcam snaps available in a gorgeous, interactive website and mobile app. It works for maintenance and other key service vehicles, too! 



Share the location of your snow plows and maintenance vehicles with the public in real time.


Clickable breadcrumb trails show where the plows and vehicles have recently been.


Only show plows and vehicles when they are out on the roads, not in the their maintenance sheds.

The Iowa DOT was among the first DOTs to begin sharing real-time snow plow locations and dashcam photos with the public, who loved it from day 1. To help bring snow plow info to the public to even more people, Iowa decided to build upon their existing ATIS. With the SnowPlo module, Iowa’s snowplows are fully integrated with road condition, weather, and other info on their deployment. Castle Rock’s interactive filmstrips and breadcrumb trails showing where the plows have been and what the roads look like have been wildly popular with the public. SnoPlo is available on both OneWeb and OneApp.

“Just a quick note to thank you for providing the snow plow cameras as part of this website. We are trying to make travel decisions, and each feature of this map has been helpful to us - especially being able to see the road conditions from the snow plow cameras. We are grateful this service in helping keep us safe! – Iowa Citizen


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